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"The symbol of a flower

The message of a dream

Is to be interpreted

To hold what it must mean

The Universe encoded

By patterns given reign

There to be deciphered

In the letters of a name"

Five women find themselves drawn together through several lifetimes. The challenges they face deal with love and betrayal and finding their way to personal independence. What is the strange attraction they feel toward the sinister man around whom they orbit like satellites? Which of them will break free, and which will fall victim to him again and again?

 The five women, each symbolized by a different flower, start out as the first five wives of King Henry VIII. Then they reincarnate in Victorian London and again in California in the 1960's. All are historical figures. I very much enjoyed having to dig deep within myself to experience their life events and choices and to understand what motivated those choices. This is very much a character driven novel. I hope the readers enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Five Flowers is published by Kat Moran Publications, an independent publisher.

"A beautiful flower can only grow

From deep within the dirt below"

Dragonfly Dreams:

"Daphne was sound asleep when a man arrived in her dream with a warm, orange glow about him, like a fireball of warmth and energy; he was smiling the warmest smile she had ever encountered. To say she was attracted to this dark-haired, olive-skinned creature, like a moth to a flame, didn't begin to describe it. He was somehow intimately familiar to her. Before she knew what was happening, she was flying along at his side, too fast for feet to keep up, much less touch the ground, and with no effort.

"They were flying fast above houses and trees, and as they left the planet further and further beneath and behind them, it seemed they were flying on the wings of pure harmonious sound. It seemed it was the vibration that was propelling them. Daphne felt like her body had turned into pure harmonic vibration, and together they flew on the same wavelength until they were soaring among the stars beyond the solar system.

"Daphne found herself dreaming of this angel and flying with him almost every night. Sometimes he appeared to her in a silvery light with bright white hair, but most of the time he was dark surrounded by light."

Deception Past:

"May 1886

"Amherst, Massachusetts

"Emily Dickinson burned with the desire to be loved. She felt somehow that her feverishness was merely a manifestation of her yearning to be freely accepted for who she was.

"To be free...

"She craved acceptance after so much rejection, indifference, and isolation. Everywhere there were judgments. Always other people had their judgments. Emily was too unconventional. She didn't follow social protocol. She longed to be accepted in the same way she had opened her heart and warmly accepted Nature just as she found it. No man-made conception of 'perfection' was required. No judgments or changes were necessary when you truly loved. But she hadn't found that love from any male human being. The true love of her life had rejected her for someone more appropriate for his status in life. Yes, she had loved deeply in this life, but only Nature receiprocated that love."

Ripples On the Surface:

"Sleeping limbs quiver

Under minimal weight

Of migrating folding wings


A pine shivers

The sun shimmers out of sight

A solitary blackbird sings


Lost in the blackening sky

A meteorite shower passes by

Condensation materializes


Once again the sun rises

Burns away the veil

And I realize I linger

In the well of a passing moment"


"Feeling small

Snowflake fallen

In all of winter"


Child of the Universe, second poetry collection

296. ....

It's not what they teach you in school

You'll never learn this in a church

You have to accept yourself as you are

A child of the Universe... 

A Call to Contemplation, third poetry collection


Water falling over rocks

Foamy and white and energized

Moving patterns of the pool

Moving along

Aerated and cool

The illusion of waterfalls

It is always there

But in motion

The truth of the waterfall

Is it is forever new