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Tuesday, January 10th at 2pm EST 2017

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CUTV News Radio spotlights author Franki deMerle



Vancouver, WA – This is not our first time here and it won’t be our last. We’re spiritual beings on a physical journey. When this journey ends, we will begin a new one in a new body and a new time and place. 


Franki deMerle is the author of three novels, each focused on the subject of reincarnation: Deception Past, a novel of past life identity theft, murder, blackmail, and forgiveness; Dragonfly Dreams, a novel of romance and reincarnation; and Five Flowers, an historical reincarnation novel. Five Flowers is about three different groups of historical characters; each character is symbolized by a flower, which follows the character through three lifetimes. Each novel draws on dreams, premonitions, past life regressions and memories.


“Reincarnation is a subject that interests me. I personally believe in it, but you don’t have to believe in reincarnation to read my novels,” says deMerle. “There are working theories that birthmarks come from marks made on the body at or around the time of death in a previous life. And then when you reach the age you died in a previous life, you’ll experience some trauma or illness that will bring up from the unconscious issues from your previous life. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, these are great structures for a novel.” 


deMerle started writing poetry when she was only 15 years old out of an emotional need to express herself and her deepest feelings. She grew up Huntsville, Alabama, during the Civil Rights Movement and would listen to Dr. Martin Luther King on the radio in her bedroom, much to the dismay of her parents, who were not in favor of the equality Dr. King sought for everyone.


“This is why I’m a writer, I believe,” says deMerle. “I’m a sensitive person and sensitive to others, which is one of the prerequisites, but most importantly I have something to say about tolerance.”


Today deMerle has also published three volumes of poetry: Ripples On the Surface, deMerle’s earliest collection of poetry, often described as mystical, which includes poems deMerle wrote from the 1960s to 2006; Child of the Universe, which covers 2006-2010; and her most recent book of poetry entitled A Call to Contemplation.


“My poetry is a search for meaning, beauty and harmony in a world of contention and conflict,” says deMerle. 


deMerle says if there is one thing she hopes readers glean from her writing it’s compassion and forgiveness. 


CUTV News Radio will feature Franki deMerle in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on January 10th at 2pm EST 2017.


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deMerle’s name can be found on the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial in Washington, DC, as a founding member of the Build the Dream Foundation. She now lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she gardens, practices yoga, and plays harp and classical guitar.



I'm currently working on my fourth collection of poetry.

I've finished composing a set of six Mercurial Duets and/or Solos for Celtic Harp and Spanish Guitar. I was inspired by the Oregon Symphony's conductor, Carlos Kalmar. When introducing a piece, he referred to it as the composer's calling card. And that's what my Mecurial pieces are for me, my calling card. After all, my instruments are Celtic Harp and Classic Guitar. Special thanks to Maestro Kalmar and the Oregon Symphony.


Author Elizabeth E Wilder quoted from Child of the Universe when she spoke 8 January 2014. She's a great author herself, and I'm honored to have her quote me.

Read Franki's interview on Morgen Bailey's Writing Blog:

Featured Author of Independent Author Network for June 2011.



My publisher, Marta Moran Bishop of Kat Moran Publications and Productions

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Barnes & Noble at the Bridges Mall in Huntsville, AL, the city where most of Deception Past takes place.

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Ripples at Deception Pass, Washington State, US:


Sculpture by Richard Beyer with Author, Ellensburg, WA, April 2010 (1st edition of Deception Past)

Oregon airconditioning, July 2010

Oregon airconditioning, July 2010, Mount Hood


What I do when I'm not writing.










Photograph and interview by Joanna Michaud appeared in the Battle Ground, WA, Reflector March 16, 2011.

Deception Past was represented at Book Expo America in New York City, USA, May 2010.  Deception Past and Ripples On the Surface were at the Beijing Book Fair Aug-Sep 2010 and at the Frankfurt Book Fair Oct 2010.

Dragonfly Dreams was at the Los Angeles Times Book Gallery April 2011, in the American Library Association catalog, and at the Book Expo America 23-26 May, Javits Center, New York City. Deception Past and Dragonfly Dreams were in the Independent Book Fair October 14-15, 2011, in Indianapolis.

Attended Book Buzz event at A Book For All Seasons in Leavenworth, WA, 2011. Great bookstore and very scenic town. It was an honor to be invited.


                                            Last picture is of me and my best friend, my buddy, my roommate.